The annual World Tunnel Congress 2018 took place in April 2018 (Dubai, UAE) and RM4L was represented by one of our PhD students, Ioanna Papanikolaou. Over 1500 people from 68 countries attended the congress that covered areas such as advances in materials, smart cities, sustainability and technical innovations.  Ioanna presented her preliminary work (*) on graphene nanomaterials and how they could help with reinforcing and improving the durability of sprayed concrete tunnel linings. The results of market research in the UK around sprayed concrete and the key opportunities and blockers for graphene-reinforced cement materials were presented along with some preliminary experimental results.


*Graphene oxide/cement composites for sprayed concrete tunnel linings” – I.Papanikolau, A. Davies, F. Jin, C. Litina and A. Al-Tabbaa