The overall aim of this RT is to develop new systems that will be able to self‐diagnose and act appropriately against chemical damage triggers in cementitious systems, both to self‐immunise and prevent damage, or to self‐heal damage once it has occurred.

The primary outputs will be the development of:

  • microcapsule and bacterial systems for the SD/SI/SH (self-diagnosys/self-immunisation/self-healing) of chemically triggered damage
  • microcapsule systems for the SD/SI/SH of physical and chemical damage triggered specifically by changes due to the onset corrosion and its subsequent effects on the cementitious matrix
  • smart, chemical triggered SD/SH vascular networks
  • an assessment of and the subsequent tailoring of the performance of combined systems to address both chemical and physical attack.




Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Dr Chrysoula Litina




+ WP1 – Targeting chemically triggered damage

+ WP2 – Targeting corrosion triggered damage

+ WP3 – Smart, chemical triggered SD-SH vascular networks

+ WP4 – Performance of single and combined systems for chemical and physical attack