Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Dr Diane Gardner Dr Athina Markaki / Dr Robert Davies / Dr Chrysoula Litina / Dr Livia Souza / Dr Cristina De Nardi / Dr Amir Zomorodian Dr Regeane Bagonyi




WP3 develops combined SD/SH vascular network systems that are supplied with prophylactic agents triggered by changes in electro‐chemical properties of the matrix and a novel microvascular system with sacrificial, chemically triggered pores that will open upon penetration of aggressive chemical species into the cementitious matrix.

  • Task 1 – identify mechanisms for monitoring the relevant electro‐chemical properties of the matrix, explore the ability of such techniques to localise changes and provide a feedback mechanism that can activate the release of both immunising and healing compounds
  • Task 2 – investigate the development of smart microvascular systems using microfluidic devices to produce microfibers
  • Task 3 – investigate the efficiency of the different types of materials used for the manufacture of the vascular systems and identify their functionality under different corrosion initiation and chemically modified conditions.