Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Prof Gopal Madabhushi / Dr Livia Souza Dr Chrysoula Litina / Dr Amir Zomorodian




As an electrochemical process, the on‐set of corrosion is usually associated with a change in redox potential leading to micro‐cracking at the interface between the steel and the concrete as a result of the expansive corrosion products. Hence the on‐set of corrosion can be arrested through microcapsules that are triggered by a redox potential or ultimately by crack development.

  • Task 1 – explore similar release mechanisms to those in WP1 using double emulsion template to produce redox sensitive polymer shells
  • Task 2 – explore the production of colloidosomes using nanoparticles
  • Task 3 – once the capsules are triggered, the cargo released will be chosen based on one of three criteria: creating passivation conditions; creating super‐hydrophobicity, and healing the crack, testing microcapsules developed in RT1 and RT2.