Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Dr Susanne Gebhard / Dr Michael Harbottle / Prof Kevin Paine / Dr Laura Torrente /  Prof Gopal Madabhushi Dr Chrysoula Litina /Dr Livia Souza Dr Bianca Reeksting / Dr Magdalini Theodoridou / Dr Ismael Justo-Reinoso Dr Regeane Bagonyi




In this WP we develop microcapsule systems which can be triggered by changes in Cl¯, CO2 and pH and then release cargos to capture the ions and/or increase the pH.

  • Task 1 –  use a pelletiser, spheroniser and spray coating to produce mini‐pellets (mm size range) of a wide range of relevant shell‐cargo materials to test them in cementitious systems for their response to the approach of corrosion related chemical attack
  • Task 2 – focus on producing microcapsules with functionalised shell surfaces that respond to chemical triggers using microfluidics
  • Task 3 – employing existing anti‐corrosion additives as cargoes, and investigate a number of new promising additives, some of which are mineral‐based, which are
    applicable (compliant and cost effective) with cementitious systems.