The aim of RT3 is to develop material systems with the ability to self‐sense physical damage and initiate a self‐healing or immunising response, preferably prior to any damage actually occurring. The primary outputs will be:

  • a combined sensor‐diagnosis‐healing technique, in which will have identified appropriate sensing materials and sensor geometry for determination of strains, micromechanical changes and the on‐set of damage
  • microcapsules that are inherently self‐sensing and immunising through their use of functionalised mechano‐responsive shells that can be programmed to rupture at predefined stress levels, below that of the host matrix
  • a polymer/graphene self‐sensing composite vascular system consisting of piezoelectric and electrically conductive layers with a healing substrate.




Prof Kevin Paine Dr Hussameldin Taha




+ WP1 – Self‐sensing to signal healing responses

+ WP2 – Self‐controlled activation of SMP grids, validation of healing

+ WP3 – Microcapsules with functionalised mechano‐responsive shells

+ WP4 – Polymer/graphene self‐sensing composite vascular system