the wp team

Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa Dr Hussameldin Taha / Dr Chrysoula Litina Dr Regeane Bagonyi



what we do

This WP develops smart self-sensing, self-repairing vascular systems -to be embedded into the cementitious material- formed by producing a graphene polymer composite which is robust and electrically conductive.

  • Task 1 – explore the production of such a composite system and the role of graphene in self-sensing. Investigate the incorporation of graphene into a range of vascular systems including its application as an external coating to assess its electrical conductivity and whether this could be used to monitor the health of vascular systems
  • Task 2 – manufacture an artificial skin-like composite for the vascular network walls that is i) strong, ii) stretchable, iii) self-healing and iv) have a self-activated stress sensitivity. Explore the use of piezoelectric (e.g. PVDF) and electrically conductive layers with a healing substrate.
  • Task 3 – investigate combinations of self-sensing and self-healing responses and whether they are repeatable. Develop a vascular network that can sense and report damage, and its exact location, release healing compounds into the cement-based matrix and heal the wall of the network itself so as to restore its functionality, allowing multiple damage-repair cycles.