the wp team

Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa Dr Livia Souza Dr Regeane Bagonyi


what we do

This WP produces microcapsules which responds to a lower stress than that which induces cracking.

  • Task 1 – fine tune thinner wall thicknesses of microcapsules to increase sensitivity to lower stress levels. Use dynamic mechanical analysis and microindentation to tailor and optimise geometrical characteristics to achieve reliable results in a broad range of mechano-responsive scenarios
  • Task 2 – functionalise systems with polar groups to prevent Task 1 compromising the survivability of microcapsules during mixing and processing. Such functionalisation attracts water molecules during mixing which provide a protective layer to the microcapsules and develop scaffold for better attachment to the cement matrix. Upon drying the water molecules will be removed revealing the sensitive microcapsule shells
  • Task 3 – investigate the efficiency of adhesives with relatively low viscosity which allow dispersion into the surrounding matrix. Explore the encapsulation of masked cyanoacrylate adhesives which can be activated and polymerised under the influence of a stress field
  • Task 4 – produce mechanopores which are mechanically sensitive molecular units capable of undergoing mechanically activated chemical transformations. Mechanopores enable the production of microcapsules which can release healing agents prior to damage formation.