the wp team

Prof Tony Jefferson / Dr Robert Davies / Dr Richard Ball / Dr Brunella Balzano /  Dr Hussameldin Taha



what we do

This WP develops a smart link between the damage detection of WP1 and an activation system for the SMP (shape memory polymer) grid systems of RT1:WP4.

  • Task 1 – undertake experiments with hybrid SMP system embedded in cementitious specimens on how different levels of damage are senses by a smart system built into the sleeves of SMP tendons
  • Task 2 – determine appropriate level of stress release required upon activation primarily using isolated SMP tendons in an environment chamber
  • Task 3 – develop an FE (finite element) model for the cementitious-SMP system to help tailor the detection and activation systems for various levels of damage. Validate model using data from Task 1 and Task 4 and use the model to guide the development of the system
  • Task 4 – link developments of Task 2 with RT1:WP7, assessing and refining the SD/SH (self-diagnosing-self-healing) SMP system using large scale experiments, before testing full-scale structural elements on a construction site.