The wp team

Dr Richard Ball Prof Kevin Paine / Dr Robert DaviesDr Riccardo Maddalena /  Dr Hussameldin Taha / Dr Brunella Balzano /



what we do

This WP explores the use of sensors embedded into the concrete, or modifications to the concrete to  to detect damage in the material.

  • Task 1 – investigate sensors that can measure EMI (electromechanical impedance) changes in the material. Relate the output of the EMI to changes in the physical microstructure and cracking. Ensure compatibility of sensors with the host material over the service life of the structure
  • Task 2 – investigate the use of highly conductive fillers to modify the electrical resistance of concrete to improve signal quality or as an intrinsic sensing system, through identifying methods for dispersion of these fine fillers, ensuring composite is sufficiently conductive where needed and developing techniques for measuring electrical activity for implementation in the field
  • Task 3 – develop data processing techniques to relate measured data to physical damage mechanisms. Test to distinguish responses due to damage and expected responses due to continued hydration, variations in temperature and moisture content
  • Task 4 – test construction materials containing sensors over a wide range of damage scenarios and environments.