RT2 aims to develop SD/SH (self-diagnosing-self-healing) systems to prevent and/or mitigate damage from both long and short‐term intrinsic and extrinsic time‐dependent actions. The specific outputs of the WP will be:

  • The development of capsule‐based and vascular systems that can react to rapid damage and heal multiple occurrences of damage that arise from cyclic loading
  • The exploitation of the cyclic nature of bacterial healing that follows a natural cycle) for healing medium term damage sequences
  • Methods for addressing long‐term time‐dependent damage with SMP (shape-memory-polymers) grids and encapsulated SH (self-healing) agents
  • The tailoring of SD/SH systems to specific time‐dependent damage scenarios and, with the aid of a comprehensive computational model, identification of the most suitable combination of SH techniques for selected applications
  • The validation of these systems and the associated design and analysis procedures using tests on full‐size structural elements.




Prof Tony JeffersonDr Brubeck Freeman




+ WP1 – Resilient capsules for dynamic self‐healing

+ WP2 – Self‐diagnosing-self‐healing systems to counteract creep

+ WP3 – Resilient vascular system for dynamic damage self‐healing

+ WP4 – Natural cyclic & regenerative potential of bacteria

+ WP5 – Tailoring, optimisation and validation