THE WP team

Prof Tony Jefferson Dr Iulia Mihai / Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Prof Kevin PaineDr Chrysoula Litina / Dr Brubeck Freeman 



what we do

This WP will consider a range of real time-dependent scenario applications to investigate the susceptibility of different concrete structures and cementitious systems to time-dependent loading.

  • Task 1 – subject structural elements to cyclic loading e.g. a reinforced concrete bridge pier subject to earthquake loading. Make numerical predictions of the behavior of each structure with models developed at Cardiff , providing a characteristic set of loading, cracking, and stress and strain histories
  • Task 2 – extract flow and healing characteristics of healing systems and conduct simulations using a multiple damage healing model. Determine set of ideal healing characteristics from simulations for particular applications and feedback into WP1 and WP3 to develop a strategy for tailoring these systems
  • Task 3 – guided by Task 1 and Task 2 structural elements with built-in healing are subjected to repeated loading using the response histories determined by the previous tasks.