THE WP team

Prof Andrew Heath / Prof Kevin Paine / Dr Michael Harbottle / Dr Susanne GebhardDr Bianca Reeksting / Dr Ismael Justo-Reinoso Dr Magdalini Theodoridou



what we do

This WP aims to demonstrate that live cells can sporulate in concrete and from the basis of a multiple-healing system.

  • Task 1 – simulate conditions in concrete before and after sealing of cracks. Supply the bacteria with nutrients and determine the ratio of spores to vegetative cells over time. Mimic crack sealing and monitor the spores-to-vegetative cells ratio, checking to see if they re-sporulate
  • Task 2 – investigate the need of modification of the initial healing agent for bacteria to re-sporulate, ensuring that this modification does not affect the healing process and/or properties of the concrete
  • Task 3 – address difficulties associated with maintaining sufficient nutrients and calcium ions for long term healing through determining the precise role of constituent materials, and the contribution of bacteria-generated carbon dioxide to healing through carbonation.