THE WP team

Dr Diane Gardner / Dr Alison Paul / Prof Abir Al-TabbaaDr Robert Davies / Dr Chrysoula Litina / Dr Cristina De Nardi / Dr Regeane Bagonyi



what we do

This WP develops resilient biomimetic vascular flow networks that can heal damage from cyclic loading and other time-dependent actions.

  • Task 1 – explore operational performance of vascular networks under different time-varying loading scenarios. This includes networks formed using different techniques and materials and networks with multiple flow-paths that facilitate flushing and multiple healing
  • Task 2 – develop self-repairing vascular flow networks that can withstand dynamic events of variant frequency. Investigate the use of supramolecular dynamic polymers and graphene confined composite polymers to this end
  • Task 3 – explore pressurised vascular networks for cyclic loading scenarios. Investigate both positively and negatively pressurised networks and prove that both forms improve healing characteristics for rapid and cyclic loading scenarios
  • Task 4 – examine cargos for dynamic healing, that comply with the requirements of Task 3.