THE WP team

Prof Tony Jefferson Dr Diane Gardner / Dr Robert Davies / Prof John SweeneyDr Brubeck Freeman / Dr Brunella Balzano Dr Regeane Bagonyi / Mr Glen Thompson



what we do

This WP will research methods for detecting excessive creep and triggering high performance SMP (shape-memory-polymer) tendons to counteract its effects. The tendons/grids from RT1 will be coupled to an integrated self‐diagnosing system (from RT3) sensitive to long‐term time‐dependent deformations.

  • Task 1 – explore potential of SMP grids to reverse flexural creep deformations and close cracks that have grown with creep.
  • Task 2 – assess the ability of the technologies developed in RT3:WP3 to detect excess creep. Test the combined SD/SH (self-diagnosing-self-healing) system for a range of loading periods (1 day to 1 year) under different temperatures and relative humidities
  • Task 3 – develop design and modelling tools for time-dependent behaviour of the cementitious-SMP system, building on previous work carried out by the Cardiff team
  • Task 4 – conduct long-term tests on reinforced concrete elements that incorporate the SD/SH system
  • Task 5 – explore the use of agents, delivered via vascular networks or capsules, to modify the disjoining pressure and thereby reduce creep and shrinkage.