THE WP team

Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Dr Richard Ball / Prof Kevin Paine / Prof Andrew Heath / Prof Gopal MadabhushiDr Chrysoula Litina



what we do

This WP explores the effectiveness of capsule-based SH (self-healing) techniques to heal damage under time dependent actions.

  • Task 1 – investigate capsule-based systems under different loading regimes, including the ability of such a system to enhance ductility and provide self-immunity under dynamic loading
  • Task 2 – consider modification and tailoring of shell components. Tune the capsules to different damage frequencies and stress levels/ranges through the shell modification and fine tuning of wall thickness, achieved through varying a number of production parameters
  • Task 3 – investigate rapid hardening cargo materials with high reactivity for healing cyclic damage. Test dynamic polymers (such as shape conforming dynamic gels following dual‐stage activation, from liquid to gel and then gel to polymer) for their ability to limit the mobility of the crack tip during dynamic loading

Microscopy image of polyurea microcapsules with mineral-based healing agents