Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Prof Kevin PaineDr Chrysoula Litina




The WP focuses on the development of a laboratory‐scale manufacturing technology to scale‐up the production from the current few to hundred grams/day to enable larger scale more realistic testing and to lead to their refinement and tailoring for specific applications.

  • Task 1 – expand the extensive work in M4L on microcapsules by refining and optimising the systems to enhance their commercial viability and versatility. This will include optimisation of the cargo loading, capsule size, surface modifications, longevity and material cost
  • Task 2 – develop a suitable manufacturing platform using a novel membrane emulsification system for the large‐scale production of cellulose beads with tuneable sizes that has recently been developed
  • Task 3 – produce large enough volumes of microcapsules to enable them to be tested in large-scale set‐ups of cementitious systems to assess their performance and self‐healing capabilities in specific case scenarios, with a focus on sprayed concrete and other water sensitive structures which present specific challenges.

Scanning Electron Microscopy images of next generation microcapsules for cement and concrete applications