The WP team

Dr Diane Gardner / Prof Abir Al-Tabbaa / Prof Kevin Paine / Dr Riccardo Maddalena / Dr Regeane Bagonyi



What we do

This WP ensure that the research is directly informed by the requirements of industry.

  • Task 1 – involve a series of case studies to identify existing assets that have experienced durability problems and prospective new assets that would particularly benefit from the new resilient material. These will, for example, include precast slabs, tunnel linings, basements, sprayed concrete, repair mortars, embankments and underground benching
  • Task 2 – develop a framework to ensure consistency across the programme in the definition and investigation of resilience. Once formulated, this framework will be used to inform the physical materials testing in all RTs, which in turn will be used to guide the system optimisation
  • Task 3 – prepare a material design specification for the materials that are developed for all of the design and refurbishment scenarios that are identified. This
    specification will include a series of operational material requirements.

The Programme Grant Directors at the 1st RM4L Forum (Oct 2017) with industry representatives