The RM4L2020 conference topics are organised according to 4 main themes, i.e. biomimetic materials, material sensing and diagnostics, multi-functional materials and intelligent materials. Within the main themes are the following sub-themes: experimental and numerical research, real- world application and material manufacture.

The conference will focus on materials that are relevant to the construction industry. Relevant applications include, for example, buildings, highway structures, highways and runways, tunnels and underground structures, off-shore and marine structures and water retaining structures. These applications are expected to encompass both in-situ and precast construction methods.



The following is a list of possible topics.  It is not intended to be exclusive and papers on both experimental and numerical research as well as the development and application of the proposed technologies to real-world scenario are welcome. The final decision on the theme under which a paper will appear will be taken by the Conference’s Scientific Committee.

  • Self-healing materials
  • Smart materials
  • Biological and bio-inspired materials
  • Adaptive and multi-functional materials
  • Self-sensing and self-diagnosing materials
  • Advanced manufacturing platforms for bio-inspired cement-based materials
  • Use of microorganisms and synthetic biology
  • Simulation of bio-inspired and smart materials
  • Sensor technology (chemical and biological sensors, actuators, photonics etc)
  • On-site monitoring and structural condition assessment using smart materials
  • Damage identification and evaluation using smart materials
  • Threshold levels and criteria for intervention
  • Mechanics of composite and multifunctional materials
  • Use of time, rate and stimuli-dependent materials
  • Novel nano-materials and nano-structures


INDUSTRY sessions

Intelligent Infrastructure Materials: Design Standards and Challenges

Tue 21 September 2021, online.

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RM4L2020 International Conference

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