DISC 2018: Developments in Structural Concrete: Better – Smarter – Stronger

Graphene-reinforced materials for self-sensing applications
Ioanna Papanikolaou MEng MRes GMICE, Costain / University of Cambridge

This research investigates the potential use of nanotechnology and in particular graphene materials for self-sensing applications. Graphene is reported to enhance the mechanical and durability properties and instigate a self-sensing mechanism of the cement matrix. The presenter will also cover current developments in the self-healing concrete area and the Resilient Materials for Life (RM4L) programme.

Ioanna holds a MEng degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey and a MRes degree in Future Infrastructure and the Built Environment from the University of Cambridge. She has worked as a civil engineer in the UK with Costain Group at the £1 bn London Power Tunnels project and more recently as Innovations Manager and Smart Infrastructure Advisor on the £4 bn Thames Tideway Tunnel, the largest tunnelling project currently taking place in the UK. Costain has funded Ioanna to pursue a PhD in advanced materials and nanotechnology for tunnelling applications at the University of Cambridge, where she is supervised by Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa and she is part of the Geotechnics research group in the civil engineering department. Ioanna recently won the Best Paper Award and the BASF Award at the 12th fib international PhD Symposium for her research.

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