RM4L Webinars – Develop Your Skills

  Join the 1-hour long webinar series¬†to meet scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers and trainers from all over the world.¬† 3 reasons to join: Enhance your skills and personal development, and boost your professional network Learn from leading industries, their innovation strategies and cutting-edge technologies Talk to researchers from other countries; discover new research tools and … Continued

Meet the Scientists

‘Meet the Scientists’ Exhibition During the 2nd RM4L Annual Forum @ University of Cambridge on 17 Oct 2018, RM4L researchers organised an exhibition to display self-healing, self-sensing, self-diagnosing infrastructure materials (concrete, cement, building stones etc.) developed during the first year of the RM4L programme. Attendees had the opportunity to ‘touch’ the RM4L self-healing technologies and … Continued